​Many nations have established their tourism sector

around their natural wildlife. South Africa has, for

example, many opportunities for tourists to see the

country’s wildlife in its national parks, such as the Kruger

Park. In South India the Periar Wildlife Sanctuary,

Bandipur National Park and Mudamalai Wildlife

Sanctuary are situated around and in forests. India is

home to many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries

showing the diversity of its wildlife, much of its unique

fauna, and excels in the range. There are 89 national

parks, 13 bio reserves and more than 400 wildlife

sanctuaries across India which are the best places to go

to see tigers, lions, elephants, rhinoceros, birds, and other

wildlife which reflect the importance that the country

places on nature and wildlife conservation.


3 thoughts on “Tourism

  1. Sustainability is the name of the game. On one hand we would like hordes of tourists coming bringing the travel dollar. On the other we want to reduce climate change. It’s a balance right?


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