Make a girlfriend online 


                Getting girl to reply to your first message you send to her on a dating website is always the hardest part and this is why I decided to post 7 of my personal online dating messages which work in most cases.

All right here are online dating messages I recommend you to try, just change it slightly to make it look unique.

1. Ok… are you for real? By nature I am the man who holds the door open and is a little bit of a geek but treats his partner like gold. I have lived my life thinking all women want that but in reality all women REALLY want the handsome man who treats them like crap. However if you are REALLY looking for someone sweet, honest and nice then please look over my profile and we can talk.

2.Hi how are you? Well I definitely like your attitude you think same people attract? 😉 I’m NAME and I’m AGE. I think I was born competitive in sports and everything. I’m a gentleman at heart. But I do cause mischief though who doesn’t. If you think you can handle that hit me back love to hear from you 🙂

3.Hey, couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are, and I’m kind of a sucker for those eyes :P, I  feel that your profile’s just a tease and so the real you.. , blows my mind a cutie like u needs this site to begin with  lol…but if you are interested, I’d love to chat…god its hot out lol…just throwing it out there

4.You are the cutie and you definitely  need a rude boy like me 2 spicy up your life

5.Hey how is it going, just thought I’d shoot you a message and see how your summer was treating you so far? Since I really have no idea what to say here lol. Anyways if you are into talking a little bit more shoot me a message, you seem like a really chilling girl from what I read in your profile, o and I got to throw in you are very pretty 🙂

6.Hey, I’m NAME. I read your profile and would be interested in getting to know you, if you are too of course. I’m a pretty genuine guy, and would be interested in always taking you around CITY”S finest spots you may not know about (even just as friends). Anyway, take a look at my profile, and if you think we might get along, let me know. 🙂

7.How are you? Looking real good, how is your weekend so far? Just thought I would say hi since your profile was really interesting and I would like to get to know you a bit better.

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